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Thank you for that reminder. I needed it.

Once a week, I get an email from to tell me what’s going on with Baby’s development. It’s a good thing. I forget how far along I am horribly with this baby. Something about five other babies to take care of seems to make me lose track of time. I just know I have four months left – because Charlotte’s 8 months now. It’s a good thing I have that reminder… Oh, poor baby. I really cannot wait to meet you. It’s just a little crazy around here. You’ll find out soon enough.

Baby Center tells me that since Baby can hear well now, sounds like the dog barking and the lawn mower that it hears now won’t faze Baby once it’s here. Wonder if the kids screaming through the house can be included in that list of things that won’t faze it? Probably.

I’m 23 weeks today, by the way. Baby Center says so.


Sarah said...

Baby won't be fazed by anything by the time it gets here! Abby isn't fazed by much...something to do with working at the Mall of America, 3rd trimester was Holiday, and having 'bands' and 'singers' perform in the court right outside my store. Very loudly. She now requires a sound machine and music, both played loudly, to sleep.

Adrienne said...

That's a great way to break them in to noise, Sarah! Pretty sure the MOA has my house beat as far as noise. At least, it better... :) A baby that sleeps through everything is so much easier than trying to keep things quiet while they nap!