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Hello, Monday.

Mom’s gone, co-op musical is over, baptism is done, and it’s time for life to return to normal – hopefully a new, quieter normal.

Mom came down last week, the musical we’d been prepping for for 8 months went off with the typical kid’s-program hitches, but it was successful I think, Liberty made a convincing talking rock and no one tripped and fell (that I heard about) and I don’t have photos. They are in CR2 form or some such thing that only my photographer husband understands and my laptop is confused and won’t open them. Maybe I’ll get Blaine’s help on that one.

I’m never willingly teaching music again. My talents do not lie in music. They screech in music.

The seven dance costumes all fit. So glad.

Charlotte was baptized May 1, and now it’s May 2 and Mom’s gone. Gonna miss her. Somehow life is so much more fun with help and someone (adult) to talk to all day.

Liberty has a report on Harriet Tubman due tomorrow at co-op. Should be a fun day – we read a chapter book and a few other smaller ones together to research, but she hasn’t even started with the writing part.

April showers failed to get the April’s-over memo.

Two kids wet the bed last night. Yes, it was the two that still ought to be in that stage. Thankfully, we’re well past that with those in bunk beds.

One of the goats decided she needs to lay down on the milking stand. I have to hold her up (all 150 lbs.) with one arm to milk her with the other arm. She needed to be dried up anyway. Debating – if I stick a 5 gallon bucket under her chest, maybe that will work… Or maybe she needed to be dried up anyway.

Anything else to groan about? Don’t think so. Oh yeah, Mom washed all the dishes. Day’s looking better already.

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Roxanne said...

Miss you guys already. When can I come again? And Liberty, wow what a super job you did. You 'rock' girl!