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It sure is quiet around here.

My two oldest girls left for Grandpa and Grandma’s today. They’ll be gone for two weeks. It’s eerily quiet around here. Some things are easier, so things are harder. So strange.

They rode north with a friend’s mom and another friend who live three hours from my parents. After a week of sick kids and fearing Liberty or Eden would catch it, I was relieved to hit Friday night with no one else sick. I woke up Liberty up this morning and she started crying. Her throat hurt. By the time we left, she said her stomach hurt a little. I hoped it was nerves, gave her the option and went ahead with her desire to go. What do you do? It felt like a life-changing moment; she’d never forget having to stay home from her first planned vacation at grandparents away from Blaine and I. When I didn’t hear anything by lunch time, I decided it must have just been nerves like I suspected. Nope. No vomit, thankfully, but I’m told she’s a little warm and slept most of the trip. Safely in the hands of Grandma now, she’ll be fine, but what would you have done? What it  she gets her “transporters” sick? They do not write manuals for such occasions.

Sterling and Ruby become so different when their sisters aren’t home. They were eating when I went up to do goat chores. I gave them instructions to finish eating, brush teeth and head for bed. When I got back inside half an hour later, they were in bed! Tucked in! Amazing. And then I went and cleaned up their mess at the table. Because no one thought to clear the table.

Missing my girls. My helpers, my friends. I forgot how it is to parent just toddlers. Sterling and Ruby have asked half a dozen times if they’ll be home tomorrow. It’s going to be a long two weeks!

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