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The List.

I’m 24 weeks. I look 42 weeks. Maybe by the time I’m 42 weeks I’ll look 24 weeks. Or maybe I won’t hit 42 weeks. Either would be ok. So long as I don’t look 42 weeks at a week or so postpartum. Now that would be depressing.

I bought K4 curriculum for Sterling today. He’s thrilled. His dream is to read a book all by himself. Next up: the world.

I’ve started making lists. I bought a white board that has a new home on our kitchen counter and every night, provided I’m on top of things, I make a list of the things we need to accomplish the next day. Jobs, appointments, whatever I want to accomplish, gets written on the list for the day. Things I usually forget I wanted to do are finally getting done. If they don’t get done, they get moved to the next day. And the next. The watermelon? Cut before it was overripe, because it made The List. Charlotte’s sheets put back on her bed? That got moved to the next day’s List. A few times. But now? She has clean sheets. And I don’t have to move it to tomorrow’s List. Again. Amazing.

We have a few new barnyard animals. Four, to be exact. I’ll get my camera out there and share the details soon. As soon as it makes it to my List. Wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself, you know.


lcarp51 said...

LOVE! I love lists though. Glad you are getting peace of mind with your accomplishments. Me on the other hand. I need to take a computer fast. It sucks the remaining brain cells right out of my head. Have a great week!

Alysia said...

Thanks for chatting with me the other day. I always feel more normal after talking with you. I am going to get a whiteboard as soon as I am healthy!