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Sewing machine: 6. Me: 0.

So the skirts flopped. I’m blaming it on my machine’s bobbin tension with the elastic thread. Mom’s bringing her machine down next week; we’ll try it again. Then we’ll all know: is it the machine, or is it me??? Shirring has gotten the better of me every time I’ve tried on my machine. 6 projects later. Makes me crabby.

Next up: Magenta diaper covers. Ruby was PENNDOT Ruby with her neon orange covers; Charlotte is going to be well camouflaged - in the raspberry patch. I just can’t leave well enough alone and go with pastels. Got the PUL in the mail today. Trying to get the house cleaned up so I can go sew. That’s why I’m sitting here, you know. Oh, that makes such sense.

Blaine’s on his way home. After yesterday and the skirts and the kids whining because I was paying more attention to the sewing machine than them… it’s a good thing it’s Friday and this week is almost over.

Poison ivy got the better of me last week and it’s still spouting about it’s victory. Ruby’s taken to grabbing the anti itch cream and smearing it on my legs when she sees me itch. So funny. Yet not.

Time to mop. There’s calamine lotion spilled on the floor. Wonder where on earth that came from?


lcarp51 said...

Bummer! Hope you have a better week next week.

Kayla Heeren said...

I so want to try those skirts too! I have never tried the shirring, though, and I'm thinking my machine is not going to be the greatest at it either...I may try on a little baby shirt or something first.

Adrienne said...

If you know how to adjust your bobbin tension - or if yours is tighter than mine to begin with - you'd likely be just fine. After hours of researching, I still haven't found out how to adjust mine on my Singer. There are tutorials that explain shirring very well - but my machine does not do what it's supposed to. Grr!