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Broken clotheslines and dust bunny disposal.

Due in four weeks, I’m feverishly cleaning the house. Planning a homebirth puts a whole new spin on nesting. Pretty sure it’s more panic cleaning than nesting – but either way, my house is benefitting. Baby now has a dresser, a bed, and it shouldn’t sneeze the moment it enters the world for the dust that formally resided in our bedroom.

I pulled out a handful of tiny outfits and pj’s in both gender’s colors out of the shed and washed them so I have some clean clothes for the baby without having to haul them out right away after baby’s born. They were strung across the clothesline in my traditional excited pre-baby washing when the clothesline broke. I can remember hanging up the freshly washed baby clothes of each of my children save Eden – hers hit the dryer since it was January – but the vision of tiny cloths hanging to dry is one of my favorites. It was short lived though. My clothesline broke. My string of teeny clothes was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back. Talk of a new clothesline rope had been in the works for weeks, but I’m pretty sure the vision of baby clothes, pinned to a clothesline and strung across the yard on the ground is not going to escape memory anytime soon. I’m sure it’ll be funny -next week.


lcarp51 said...

Awww. So much fun, emotional stuff!
Tell me how the kids room(s) are set up again??

Adrienne said...

Room - we have a two bedroom house. Liberty and Eden are in bunk beds, Sterling and Ruby in toddler beds and Charlotte in the pack 'n play. And four dressers and one tall shelf in one pretty small room 10'x10' I think - it's purely for sleeping/dressing only. It's taken rearranging half a dozen times in the last year to figure out what works best and then how to fit Charlotte in there. Two dressers are in the closet. There's actually floor space to play just a little bit with my latest rearranging. So exciting! :) We have another set of bunk beds from Blaine's childhood that need to be fixed/painted and Sterling and Ruby will get those. Baby will be in our bedroom for now.