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I’ll be so cute.

None of my kids have walked early. Ruby was on time when she took her first steps on her first birthday, but she set a new record in doing so.

My latest walker walked at 19 months. Another walked at 17 months, another at 14 months.

Charlotte is 11 months old today. She wants to move. But she hasn’t figured a reliable method of movement yet. She can scoot a little bit on her belly or behind – but she doesn’t get anywhere purposeful this way. She can hold onto something (for dear life) and stand there, but she doesn’t trust herself to move her feet.

She hates to fall. Hates to bump her head. Not the “Ow, that hurt” kind of hates, but the “I am never, ever, ever doing that again, because that scared the living daylights out of me and I learned my lesson,” kind of cry. She’s kind of like her brother. The 19-month old walker.

Sterling and Ruby are 15 months apart. I carried them both for four months until Sterling found his feet and decided to trust them. Now Charlotte, with another baby following close behind, is following in big brother’s oh-so-carefully-placed footsteps.

Usually, I try to switch which arm I choose the carry the baby car seat with so that I don’t end up with one arm stronger than the other. Strange, but true. This time around, I’ll be switching arms so I don’t end up with one arm stronger than the other. But in the opposite way. 20lb baby… 10 pound car seat + 9 pound baby. Never mind. They’ll even themselves out.

I’ll be the one with Brawny’s muscle man’s arms. I’ll be so cute.


lcarp51 said...

I did that, too! E was just one when J was born. Had to carry them both for a month or so. I was strong! You will have very toned arms. :)

Adrienne said...

I thought of you when writing this, Laura. You are the only one I know who has kids less than a year apart - and you seem to have survived with your sanity intact. Toned arms now and kids that are hopefully best friends later sound like excellent bonuses in joining that crazy world!