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That was easy.

Tried something new last night.* I went grocery shopping at night. With only Eden.

It was amazing.

7pm on a Tuesday = a great time to be at Aldi. Only one kid = a great time to be at Aldi.

We were in and out in less than an hour with the better part of two week’s worth of food, spent more than I usually do with 5 kids with me – still trying to figure that one out. I think prices are just climbing. A lot.

Not one time did I have to tell anyone to stop touching or that no, we cannot buy that or to get out of someone else’s path. It was pretty incredible. And groceries fit in my not-the Grand-version caravan a whole lot easier with four less kids in it.

The best part = Blaine was home to help me carry in the groceries.

I’ve always taken all the kids with me. Adamantly. They need to experience what it takes, in what we do, how to compare prices, and what’s beyond the confines of our 5 acres, after all. But lately, with school and pregnancy and trying to keep up with the house, errands take far too long and something falls behind. Usually it’s the house. Nothing fell behind this way. I didn’t spend two hours at the grocery store. I wasn’t crabby and tired when we got home.

Amazing. Going to have to try that one more often.

*I’m laughing at the irony of this post following this post. But sometimes, that’s just how life goes. And not once did I get the hands full comment. In fact, people ignored me. It was like I was normal. Or something.

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lcarp51 said...

Hee. It works even when you have 2. I do much better with Brian's help.