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Yesterday, we went grocery shopping. We needed bread – I buy that about every 5 weeks – and a week and a half worth of groceries. I hate taking all the kids these days, but that’s what yesterday needed to be.

Five hours in, ready to go home, worn out from dealing with kids and people and car seats and prices and hearing people say how full my hands were, I bought butter.

Thrilled that the price of butter, at $1.40 a pound, was cheaper than I’d seen it since fall of 2010, I bought butter.

I failed to remember the 20 loaves of bread sitting in the van that needed to hit the freezer too, thought I had plenty of freezer space, and bought butter.

32 pounds of butter.

Did I mention it was a good price?

Oh dear.


Kayla said...

LOL, at that price, I'd have bought 32 pounds too! Maybe you could find a friend with a larger freezer to let you put a grocery bag of butter in!!

Anonymous said...

It was on sale here at Hyvee yesterday for $1.58. They would only let me get 2 lbs. however. I'd loan you freezer space if you were closer. Roxanne

Adrienne said...

Kayla, That's a good idea. I might have to ask. Or share the price and no one will have freezer space... :)
Mom, you just need to move closer!

in the coop said...

I'd be happy to make a trade! I can't fit cheap butter in my freezer as I have 300 pounds of cheap pork taking up space.

Julia said...

You have to wonder then... can you justify spending money on another freezer when you have the potential to save more.... ;)