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We borrowed some friends’ Bull Mastiff for a bit while they are away.

Brady, meet the dog you think you are.

While Brady thinks she’s big and tough, Belle has, in one glance, informed her that she’s not as big as she once thought.

The kids love her. Except for Charlotte. At first I thought she was scared, but I think she’s just mad. She swings her little hand in a “shoo” motion and babbles on at her about the injustices of big dogs being brought into her humble home. It’s comical.

Blaine had Belle outside while I was up doing chores. Munch, our buck, backed away from the fence like he’d seen a lion. Having never seen that goat scared of anything, that was impressive.

Funniest yet is watching Belle eat inhale her food. When she finishes, she stares at you like she’s still starving.

Yep, we’re easily entertained around here.


Anonymous said...

We hope Belle isn't terrorizing Brady. It would be really cool if they were to become close companions while she is visiting.
Another thought... Perhaps the "lion" could sit outside the fence and keep the goats in check. :o)
Thanks again for temporarily adopting our little dog. We hope she is being a respectful guest.

Adrienne said...

Belle hasn't touched Brady. Brady has just given her a far wider berth than anything ever before. And the thought of Belle helping with the goats crossed my mind. Munch has never behaved so well as when he thought his mere life was in danger.

Belle's sweet. Eden's in love with her.