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Paper towels, broiler chicks, children’s antics and projects complete.

Today was a marathon sewing day. I was making another Mei Tai for my mom to give as a baby gift, and it needed to get done asap.

Whew. It’s finished. I made Sterling and Pierce matching little black belts while the machine was still out, washed seven loads of laundry, and worked on potty training one 19 month old. She’s doing great. She tells me she has to go. I’m doing less great. I do not get her from wherever she is upon pronouncement to the potty in the mere seconds before the waterworks begin.

Her new Hello Kitty panties got more than they bargained for. She even managed to get my foot once.

We’re going through a lot of paper towels and Simple Green these days.

Blaine hurt his back on Friday. He was home today, still bent over and walking like a very old man. I’m quite tempted to call him “Bob”, recalling a great neighbor we once had that walked the very same way.

I told Charlie “Goodnight, Baby” tonight and she replied “Na-night, Baby” before she realized what she said. Oh, the giggles. She’s so much fun these days. I love the age that she’s at.

Pierce’s age… well, I’m trying really hard not to wish it away. Mr. Crabby Pants suits him quite nicely. He’s the most temperamental kid I’ve had yet. He has me most curious to find out what his personality develops into. So long as I survive the wait. He’s going to do me in.

We butchered our old laying hens on Saturday. With those and the goats gone, things are pretty quiet in the barnyard. We still have some broiler chickens until they are ready in June, but the yard is eerily quiet out there.

That’s about all my news. We’re still on school break, but I’m not sure what happened to the “break” part. Crazy busy weeks!

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Anonymous said...

WOW Adrienne, you made me tired just reading about your day. Thanks so much for getting mei tai done so quickly. Mom