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False Advertising.

Our garden is producing well for us these days. I have piles of squash and green beans to do something with – soon. Tonight, Blaine came in with a pepper. He handed Ruby a bite. She begged for more. I told him he should have given her a spicy pepper. He had.

We aren’t spicy people. I’ve never bought cayenne in my life. One year we made green tomato salsa and Blaine insisted we should use at least some of the jalapeño the recipe called for. Last year, we made more salsa. We left the jalapeño out.

This year, we bought peppers. Green ones, red ones, yellow ones, orange ones. When we got home, we had two hot ones. Perfect. “Mildly hot” they were labeled. Yeah, we’ll see. I know someone who loves hot anything, so the peppers, if need be, become a donation.

Turns out, two more pepper plants were mislabeled completely. Those are anything but mild. So now we have four hot pepper plants. Perfect.

Tonight, he’d brought in one of the mild ones. Ruby’s first bite went well, so he sliced it up and all the kids except for Charlotte grabbed a piece.

Um… yeah. Mild, not so much. I had five kids crying and whining and drinking milk and crying some more. Poor Pierce was licking my dress and trying to wipe off his tongue. Even Blaine was making horrible faces. Thank goodness, he refrained from whining.

Either my kids are really, really wimpy – which, when it comes to spicy is probably true – or those pepper labels lie. Judging from the red clown mouth Pierce still has an hour later, I’m going to say it’s the latter.

I didn’t try it.


Charlotte Moore said...

Poor babies!!!! I do not like HOT stuff that burns my mouth. I use less than what it called for if I use hot peppers.

Kayla said...

You could make pepper jelly/jam to give as gifts! It's got sooooo much sugar and quite a bit of vinegar, plus you cook it to death, which makes the peppers milder. I got my jalepeno jelly recipe from the ball canning book (I think it's probably on their website, too). Way to go Sterling in the movie!! He did such a great job!

Sharilyn said...

We watched this video a couple of days ago, a friend had linked it on facebook. Thought you all would get a kick out of it.

Adrienne F said...

I'm a little scared of jelly, Kayla. How hot is it?

Sharilyn, we laughed and laughed. My stomach hurts!