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I hate stupid questions.

I took the kids out for ice cream this afternoon with a friend. She also has six kids. The cashier asked if all of those kids were mine. When I told her six of them were, she sputtered, and then, honestly, said,

“Tell me. How does that happen? I mean really, how does it happen?!”

Let me just throw out there that she was old enough to know how these things happen. I wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted me to say. If it was biology, I wasn’t going there with my children within earshot. Who am I kidding? I wasn’t going there anyway. Really now.

I should have said something clever about a stork or how it was raining children one day or how someone just dropped them off on my doorstep and told me to have fun. But I didn’t. I muttered something about wanting a large family and loving my children and left it alone.

But really. How would you answer that?!


Roxanne said...

I liked the one where it was raining children one day. Great comeback if you can remember it next time.

Sue said...

One time I was asked if they all had the same daddy - that was when I only had 4, and before the transracial adoption. There is no bottom of the stupid ocean, is there.

Kristin said...

I would respond exactly like what you wrote here. I would ask "do you really NOT know how it happens?". Sometimes people just need their own stupid questions pointed out to them.

Charlotte Moore said...


Anonymous said...

"It happens with a purpose. That purpose being to raise a future generation of wise, intelligent, loving, caring individuals who will make this world a better place and hopefully share that purpose with their own children so that the world will not implode or waste away for the want of those things."

-M (broken-hearted for the utter lack of respect for life this society shows regularly)

Roxanne said...

I voted!

Brittany said...

Next time say "Yes, we know how it happens and we LIKE it"! That's my plan....if I can ever find the guts to actually speak it. And when they say that I have my hands full I always heartily agree...they are full...of BLESSINGS! :) But truly, where do people get the idea that it is OK to ask such rude questions.