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Favorite finds in our world lately.

IMG_4770Pierce really likes this pie. We all do, actually. It’s been requested for many a birthday in recent years, including Liberty’s last month.








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But mine doesn’t look like that. It wasn’t even close to photo worthy. I’m not that good. But it tastes fantastic, so we’re all happy anyway.




They make rings small enough for young girls. I didn’t know. A size four fits Liberty. I got her this one for her birthday. I was thrilled to find out she could wear a “real” one for a reasonable price after the adjustable ones that have turned her finger green for years.





I got this potty at a rummage sale yesterday. Best find of the day. Turns out, those one-piece potties are so much easier than the traditional three piecers. (Or in our case, four, with the removable front guard that Pierce insists on removing. This has resulted in many an interesting moment.) Pierce, after his initial fury over being placed on this white contraption pantsless, has decided he can use it all by himself. Fabulous.

The doll, by the way, was not with the toilet. I’m pretty sure we can do without him.



And with that, the Charlotte-whine coming from the bathroom is informing me, “I have to clean up poop, but I don’t want to pick it up… I had an accident…”

“Why did you poop on the rug?”

“I didn’t. The poop just fell out of my butt.”

I’d better go investigate.


Roxanne said...

Wow, your garden is sure growing. Looking good. And on another note - Pierce doesn't have any pants, on! Hmmm

Pretty ring Liberty.

Charlotte Moore said...

My recipes never look like the picture. Haha!! As long as they taste good that is what matters.

Adrienne F said...

Pierce was actually on the potty chair. I have found mealtimes are a good half hour at least that he doesn't mind sitting on it, and what goes in, often comes out... gross or not, it's worked well for many kids now. It's created an interesting dilemma though. Blog about that later.

Charlotte, mine never do either! So long as they taste good, I don't usually care. This one was particularly bad... it looked a little like Ruby could have made it neater. But it tasted great!

Roxanne said...

Too funny Adrienne. I say, whatever works.