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Oh, for dreams

 Edited by Adrienne to add: If you look at the title of this post and the post I posted yesterday... I laughed. We are sisters, after all!

This is what I found yesterday when I looked out the window.


Dreaming about the day when they will be able to bale hay on their own, I guess. Either that or it was the best entertainment they had for the day!

Gus hauled his first load of hay. He and Matthew were at a set of hay meadows about 15 miles away with a loader tractor and the pickup and flatbed trailer. Matthew was picking up bales and loading them on the flatbed and Gus drove the pickup and trailer around the field. –It was in 4 low and 1st gear though. All he had to do was steer it around following the tractor, and not take out any fences with the trailer. I wish I had pictures of that!


Alexandra N said...

You were supposed to change the title Sis! My post went up after yours. Everyone will think that I stole it from you, when it really was you who stole it from me!! :)

Roxanne said...

Someone commented to me about you girls using (oh for) in the title. Said it was an area thing - North Dakota to be specific. Guess South Dakota does the same thing. Certainly tells where you grew up.

Adrienne F said...

That's funny, I never knew. I suppose that's along the lines of Charlotte saying "Uff Da" all the time. Right after her whirlwind birth after everyone had cleared the room, I said it and Blaine laughed. Now she says it - A LOT.

Roxanne said...

Ah, the things we pass on to our children. The saying - uff da - is a Norwegian thing - also from our ND neighbors!!