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Dyslexic Hearing. (Which, I’ve learned, is really possible!)

Charlotte just walked in the room saying, “Momma, I’m hungry. Can I have lunch?” (It’s 4:37 pm. Lunch is O.V.E.R.)

She walked in right as I said to Liberty that I’m going to go through the toys and getting rid of a bunch.

Charlie’s next question had me realizing I have a daughter who does the exact same thing I do: mix up what I hear.

“Why are you getting rid of LUNCH?!”

While the idea had never occurred to me, and I’m certain it would save me both time and money, I don’t think it’s a feasible option. The crabby children and crabby Momma would nix the benefits quite quickly.

Charlotte was quite relieved I wasn’t doing away with lunch. And suddenly, getting rid of some of the toys sounded like a great option to her.

Quality parenting, right there, folks. Without even trying, I showed her how nice I am. I kept lunch and threw the toys instead, and it was all good. Talent. Such talent.

Oh my. I needed a longer nap today.


Charlotte Moore said...

Hahaha!!! How funny!!!

Anonymous said...

You get a nap?!