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Life is pretty mundane right now. My pregnancy is creeping toward 12 weeks, I’m starting to feel better but have started throwing up on occasion. Strange. My ultrasound showed just one baby, due mid-March. Exactly what I thought. It’s measuring a week or two bigger, but nothing enough to change dates. After two miscarriages, seeing a baby live and moving and growing on the screen was amazing. So thankful.

In other news, Charlotte told me my crack was showing when my shirt crept a little lower in the neckline that she thought it ought.

I see the midwife tonight for the first time this pregnancy. Strangely looking forward to it. Very different than my five OB/Family Doctor experiences. Bonus: no exams. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to it.

A friend kept my kids during my ultrasound. She has six children too. There were 12 kids ages 1.5-10.5 in her house. She had all of her hair when I returned. Kudos to Laura.

I folded nine loads of laundry this afternoon. I paused the wash; fearful I’d never catch up if I didn’t stop washing the laundry. Tomorrow I get to wash… about nine loads of laundry. And mow the lawn that’s starting to go to seed on the top. It’s been a week of falling behind. Dishes in the kitchen reached new heights. Horrible, stinky heights. All better now… and I kept my lunch down to boot. Amazing.

I had to get my maternity clothes out. Back to the world of tents and elastic. Such a lovely place to be.

The kids and I all got our teeth cleaned at the dentist this morning. Sterling had an x-ray to check his adult teeth formation. He’s going to have enormous front teeth. The hygienist told me that, showed me the x-ray, then told me he takes after me. So honored. Good thing has has my big round head to match.

Ruby turns five next week. She’s been counting the days for months. I can’t wait to give her her gifts.

Last night was awful. Watching my child endure a bad experience that I have no control over and know she’ll never forget  is heart breaking. I hope she grows from it. I’m seriously questioning my mothering capabilities. I’m glad it’s another 8 or so years before I have to let any of my kids go. Awful.

The shelf in the fridge fell off today and condiments crashed to the floor of the fridge. No one was even touching it. I’m amazed how fast we break things around here.

Crockpot Pizza is for supper. It’s one of my new favorite recipes. I’ll have to share it one of these days. Seriously easy and so good.

We’ve been talking personality tests and types lately. I’m a ISTJ on the Myers-Briggs. A ‘C’ on the DISC assessments. What are you?


Lena Stob said...

Scattered may be an understatement:) But congratulations! Hope that the nausea passes quickly.

Charlotte Moore said...

Charlotte is a hoot!! Love it!!

One of the hardest things os to watch your child suffer through something they think will be the worst thing they will go through. We know it will soon pass but to them it will last forever at the time.

Hope you are over the throwing up completely very soon.

lac512004 said...

I love personality tests. I can't remember which ones I am but I've taken both of those. You'll have to remind me what they all stand for and then maybe I'll remember.
Happy Birthday, Ruby!