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Scheduling changes.

Yesterday we finally wrapped up school at 5:45 pm. With most of our days looking like that so far this school year, my house has suffered. Blogging has suffered. Laundry has fallen behind. And I’m going crazy.

This morning, knowing something had to change but still pondering on what, I typed up a schedule. I gave a time to breakfast, and a time for breakfast to be over. I gave school a start time, moved chores to the afternoon instead of the morning, and said chores get done directly after lunch. Then, at 2:00 pm, you either get back to school or, when school is finished, you have free time until 5:00 pm.

Today, the child that finished last yesterday – at 5:45 pm, finished school at 10:45 am. They are, at the moment, enjoying their 45 minute lunch break (I was generous with times. I hate harping.) before starting afternoon chores. Only two of the four have schoolwork to finish this afternoon. And I may have, just maybe, not gotten any more gray hairs this morning.


While I refuse to hold my breath on whether this works every day, today has been so much better. See, I’m blogging? There’s only one more load of laundry to be done before there are only empty baskets in the laundry room, and I have hope of getting the lawn mowed and house straightened before the end of today.

Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing.


lac512004 said...

I love me a good schedule. I even had one for summer. :) Good job, Mama.

lac512004 said...
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