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I have a dream.

I dream a LOT when I’m pregnant. I have no idea if I dream when I’m not, because I never remember them. But when I am… it’s bad.

Last night, I dreamed I’d discovered this rare bug that stopped all other bugs from biting you. What I did with the bug, I’m not sure. But all other bug bites cease to exist once I’d found the cure all.

Can you tell we are dealing with a lot of bug bites right now?

So in my dream, I was famous. Everyone was amazed and excited at my discovery.

The next day, I got bit by a mosquito and died.

I know. Irony.

So, there I am, dead, and my husband wakes up to the horror of raising six kids on his own, and he has the utmost compassion.

“At least she made enough zucchini relish that we’ll never run out.”

Yeah, that’s what he said in his moment of grief. And then I woke up.

If I ever dream of fourteen cows, I’ll let you know.

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Roxanne said...

I think all that Zucchini relish got to you.