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TOS Review: Greene Bark Press

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew was asked to review the children’s hardcover board book Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again from Greene Bark Press, Inc. A book designed to teach children how to safely cross the street while engaging the child’s interest in a fun story, I read this to all of my children (multiple times!) and my readers all picked it up on their own – multiple times.

Liberty’s comment was “That book gets stuck in my head!”. While she found that annoying, I found that to be highly effective. She’ll never again forget how to properly check for traffic before crossing a street or parking lot! Sounds like it did it’s job to me! Written by Ginger Pate and illustrated by Rhett Ransom Pennell, it’s a sturdy, colorful board book designed to teach traffic safety. With catchy rhymes, it tells the story of Wally Waddlewater, a duck on a mission with many streets to cross. It contains colorful illustrations, it captured the kids attention and had them reading it often. It was a quick ten minute read that was easy to get into a rhythm with as I read; it made it rather fun. (And then… I could chant it all. day. long. as I went about my day. The things we do for our children.)

My kids all really enjoyed this. Yes, it gets stuck in your head. It still rings through mine, days after having read it. But… I think I’ll make a habit of chanting the “Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again” phrase each time we cross traffic. With my brood of “ducklings”, it sounds like a great way to reinforce what the book teaches and start a great habit of having them check also, instead of my current habit of checking and hurrying them along. 

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again was written for ages 3-8, and retails for $8.50 here.

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