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Dear Son, you drive me crazy sometimes.

I’ve had an empty container hanging on my wall for three months, waiting for me to be inspired and figure out how to use it in my attempts at decorating. I finally found something looking like this:


at the local craft store. It was $10. It’s a bunch of sticks! We have five acres, surely my dear exploring son has an in as to where he can find me some similar sticks for free. Surely.

Yesterday, with the admonishment that they must be as long as his arm and no fatter than his thumb, he set out. He came back, minutes later, with this:


I’m not even quite sure what to say. It’s not quite what I was going for. When I asked about thinner, longer sticks, he informed me there weren’t any. Five acres, much wooded, hundreds of trees, and no sticks. Wow.

Turns out, my $10 bunch of sticks at the store is on 50% off this week. I may be paying for sticks, my friends, because empty was better than this.

In doing so, I may break my dear son’s heart. He thinks they’re beautiful. If you come over and see the sticks on the wall… now you know why. I’m not sure I have the heart to tell him it’s not what I had in mind.


Roxanne said...

You could always purchase YOUR sticks and include them in with his - nicely placed, of course.

Alexandra N said...

Naw, I say keep it just the way it is! or let him keep adding to it or changing it as he sees fit. Can you imagine how great that would make him feel?? Even when he is an adult, he would look back at something like that and feel special.

Alexandra N said...

He could find flowers and other pretty things as the seasons change and change it around all the time! Oh Sis, you have to leave it! He would so enjoy having something so important as keeping something pretty for you in your home.

Roxanne said...

I still say you could add to it and he would be proud as well. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of your son filling it with treasures. Wild flowers. Bits of bark. Dandelions. Heck. I may get me a container like that and have my son and daughter use the empty lot next to us and the brush behind us to do something line this. Ok we have a patch of trees about 10 ft by 1o ft. I assure u there are sticks for you in there. I will give you a deal at $3.99. All you can take. Lol


Charlotte Moore said...

Through the eyes of a child. I know what you mean though.

Alexandra N said...

soooo, what did ya decide to do, Sis? :)

Adrienne F said...

So far, the sticks stand. I might try to add to them in the future though.