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TOS Review: PeopleKeys

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew has been reviewing many products from PeopleKeys. I received The Children’s Profile for ages 9-13. I used this with Liberty, age 10. We spent just a few minutes on the quiz, and then had great fun delving into Liberty’s emerging personality traits. She is a good mix of two different traits – fairly common – and the information regarding her personality was amazingly accurate.

Once we completed Liberty’s assessment, we had to delve into the DISC personality assessment world. It’s fascinating!IMG_4864 While personalities are growing and changing at young ages, it was still pretty easy to see certain traits in each of our children. The more I read, the more their habits and actions and personalities made sense. I can’t wait to see who they become as they get older – while I got a glimpse into who they are and who they will become, only time will tell.

The DISC assessments offer huge insights into people and how they operate. I found out, after I got this review and it was the talk of our home, that a good friend uses these assessments in his business, with his employees, with his family. Given the chance to pick his brain, we spent several hours discussing personalities, the portions of the DISC graphs that relate best with one another, and how to interact with each of my children better based on what I know about them. Looking at the other products offered by People Keys, I can see how they would be only helpful in discovering learning styles, career choices, colleges, and more. Fascinating.

I have to say, I’ve done quite a few reviews this past year. I’ve tried a lot of great products. This one, though, definitely created the most buzz in our home. Learning what makes Liberty who she is has been amazing – it’s like peeking into her quiet, timid (SC personality!) brain and getting the inside scoop into how she thinks. With this dear daughter, who rarely voices how she really feels, this was pretty cool. It has me looking at my other children and noticing their personalities more, and with that knowledge comes understanding. Even Pierce (nearly 2) has an emerging strong D that has me seeing him and his determination and driving personality in a whole new light. Even parenting gets a little easier when I understand why they do what they do!

All of that to say… definitely look into PeopleKeys and the DISC assessments. You’ll learn so much about personalities, you child – even yourself. It’s pretty amazing to see how, while each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made, unique and in God’s image, we’ve been created with order. God is a God of order, and our personalities are uniquely ordered as well.

The Children’s Profile is $15 and is available here. Check out this and many other DISC personality assessments and related products on the PeopleKeys website. For reviews from other members of the Review Crew on this and eight other PeopleKeys products, visit the Review Crew Blog.




Charlotte Moore said...

This sounds very interesting. I wonder if I could use it on my grown children? Hahaha!!!

Adrienne F said...

I found an adult version and took it and my husband (willingly!) took it as well. I bet you could! :)