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It’s sounding like a barnyard around here.

A rooster has declared our yard home.

Exactly. Huh what?! This is the second time a chicken – first a hen, now a rooster – has wandered onto our property and taken up residence. I’m not quite sure what the draw is, other than the dog leaves it alone, to make them want to move in and make themselves comfortable.IMG_4895

The kids asked if we could eat him.

I know. Not “Can we keep him?!” but “Can we eat him?” They saw a rooster and declared him one yummy supper.

At 4am when he began his wakeup call, making him supper sounded like a fabulous idea.

(Yes, it’s raining. No, I did not step out into the rain… in my pj’s… to photograph the rooster. I stood on the porch. There’s only so much I’m willing to do for a chicken.)

I’ll keep you posted on the saga of the rooster. The last time, the hen lasted three days before she disappeared in the night. What fate she met, no one knows.


Alexandra N said...

Sounds like you should turn him into dinner for your family soon if your gonna! Do you have much for coyotes around there, Sis? All my chickens do pretty well, but all the dogs keep the coyotes at bay...

Adrienne F said...

No, coyotes aren't really a problem, but hawks, owls, and opossums are threats. We had an opossum get into our coop once. I hate to make him dinner if he belongs to someone else - but none of the neighbors close by have chickens and I don't know any of the others.

Alexandra N said...

So, I haven't talked to you in forever. How is the saga of the rooster playing out?

Adrienne F said...

He lives. He crows at 4am. Charlotte has decided his name ought to be "Some other man's rooster". But that one's worth a blog post, if I could catch up on life enough to write one.