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With occasional posts, Alexandra, Adrienne's older sister, writes of her ranch life in Nevada and raising four sons, ages 5 and under. Life is never dull and her boys have given her some pretty awesome stories to tell.

Stick around awhile, and you're sure to laugh, nod, smile, be encouraged, and see what life is like with a big (little) family.


It was a really nice thought.

But when I get woke up, not once but twice, by Sterling somewhere in the wee hours because he needs to pee, I start to wish he wasn't potty trained. Or that he'd just pee in the diaper he's wearing. Nope, take him potty. Then feed Ruby, because he woke her up and she couldn't possibly go back to sleep without nursing.

And when he goes down for a nap - in his undies this time, since he stays dry anyhow - and I lay down for a nap too, only to be awakened by him holding the monitor against his mouth hollering "Ma-MA!" I start to wonder if this was really what we were after.

But what takes the cake is going up in my too-short nap stupor to find out he didn't get me woke up in time. But at least he was kind enough to remove said undies and poop on the floor instead. He's just thoughtful like that.

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