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Me and My Big Mouth

My morning yesterday started out with an email from a guy on CraigsList. I'd emailed him the night before about a rental property he had advertised there. The email said that he doesn't rent out three bedroom houses to families larger than 4 people. I was shocked. Really?! Never heard of such a thing before. So I, being the docile being... sent him an email back. I was polite, I think, but I was seriously wondering at this guy. Figured I'd never hear from him again.

Ten minutes later, the guy emailed me back. He said he'd rent to me on a month to month basis (ideal, since buying a house is at the top of our to-do list. After packing, of course.). This is the moment that Blaine says to me, "I love you, Babe. You can tell it like it is, get what you want, and not come across as a..." - you know where that was going. Blaine's words, not mine. His language can be brutal sometimes. So my friend there in Springfield, awesome that she is, set up an appointment to go see it. (Back up. I stared at the reply, stating to Blaine there was no way I was emailing the guy back. What on earth do I say?! "Sorry, you're policy is insane, now do you want to be my landlord?" Anyway, never say never. I carefully worded a reply, and my friend was on her way.)

So, while the house isn't the nicest I've seen, for the money and the lease and the location (with a straight shot view of the back of this) it'll do just fine. Application in.* My thoughts at that moment: What on earth do I say to this guy when I meet him?! "Hello, I'm not usually like that. You just messed with my kids and my decision to have more than two. Let's just call me Momma Bear.")

*We didn't get the house. Someone else, darn it, applied and actually has a job too. Think of that. But he'll call us at the end of this week about another one, similar, not looking at this, that also has a dishwasher. Sweet. Currently we call those things "Momma Bear".


Roxanne said...
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Roxanne said...

Really Adrienne, I thought you did a very classy job in your comments to the rental agent. You didn't come across the least bit b-----, assertive? yes, b-----? no, which is why he was willing to work with you. You're too hard on yourself, and probably stressed out from all that packing.

Adrienne said...

Stressed? Me? My children might agree with you. Perhaps my husband as well. I'm so crabby, I can't even stand myself. Really, I need to get a grip.