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Can I use the meanderings one again? The overtired part definitely applies here too.

Then again, it usually does. Ruby opposes sleep for Momma. Really, why on earth do I let her get away with this? Nearly a year old an nursing twice in the night. Spoiled baby, that one is.

"Three blind mice, three blind mice... they all ran after the farmer's market..." Seriously, these children need to get out of town. Farmer's market. Ha. That was Eden, if you didn't know. Who else?!

Plans are moving forward. Blaine has a telephone interview with a weekly paper in Springfield later this week. We haven't heard anything on the rental we applied for, and my house has more boxes than I can pack at this point - although I'm sure we'll need more, sadly, before this is over with.

The landlord is going to start showing our house, trying to rent it out again. Now I'm trying to keep it clean and pack and keep four kids alive. Craziness, I tell you.

Sterling managed to pee between the seat and the toilet onto his shorts today. Seriously talented, that's all I can say. On the bright side, accidents are rare these days. He bumps his head more than he pees his pants. Not that that's saying much. Poor boy got a bloody nose Saturday in New Jersey from falling down the stairs outside Grandpa's store. Stairs are usually involved, strangely enough. That was after he fell down our back porch stairs and bruised his eye near his eyebrow Friday night. Poor kid.

Blaine starts his last 10 days of work tomorrow. He works the 10 in a row, then he's done. We get the truck on August 25th, pack that, leave the next day if all goes well, and take two days to drive to MO. It's all very strange. Very cool, but very strange.


Laura said...

Is there such a thing as overtired? Once you're tired, isn't that enough? Or are you an over achiever? Just feeling philosophical today..

Adrienne said...

Huh? My overtired (or perhaps just tired, since an overachiever is something I've never been accused of being) mind can't wrap around this one.