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An update just for mom.

Feel free to read on, should you dare, but these are things only mothers care about. You know, the rambling, "oh-that's nice" kind of stuff. I'm too tired for humor or even semi-intelligent thought tonight.

We have an application in for a rental. Of course, it hit the weekend and we're still waiting to hear. Trying to not get my hopes up, but it looks really nice, so that's not so easy.

I've been waiting for fold-over elastic for almost 3 weeks now. I was mid-way through making diaper covers for my sister's boys when I ran out, and all has been sitting here since then. A box of clothes for her was sitting here too, waiting for me to finish. I gave up, mailed the box this morning and came home from the post office to find the elastic in the mailbox. Figures, right? I'd have mailed that box a long time ago if that was how it needed to go.

I've sewn 13 diaper covers today. Finished all that I needed. My back hurts, but they are done. Not much else got done today, but my sister might have shot me if I didn't get them done. She chewed me out last week when she had to buy diapers, again. Oops. Someday I'll get the pattern I've made and directions somewhere on here. I worked stinking hard to figure out what no website wanted to tell me for free. You know, just in case you are dying to make a cloth diaper cover for yourself. Really.

Went to a pool party for church yesterday and forgot the beach bag - it contained towels and my and the babies' suits. Do you see a pattern here? Either I need more sleep, less stress, more time to think through these things - or all of the above. Either that, or more coffee. I have come to one profound conclusion. That wish for more hours in the day? It's crap. I'd be too tired to be profitable for more hours that the ones I have already. Profound, eh? Yep, thought so.


Roxanne said...

Adrienne, you really ought to write a book in your spare time. It would be a best seller!! : )

Adrienne said...

What would I write about? A blog on my life, mostly about kids, fine. But a book? Maybe on the funny things they say. Should have started that one before Eden turned four and started to grow up a bit. The funny things are fewer now.

Jennifer said...

I think we just attempt to do too many things...