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Yes, I am a bit slow.

But admitting it is the first step to recovery, right?

We got here Friday morning. We left Wednesday, saw cousins in Columbus Ohio, pulled one all nighter, got better gas mileage than we expected with both vehicles, returned the "big yellow uck" (Sterling speak for truck) yesterday, and now we're trying to find the living room - and the dining room. It's bad, I tell you. Very, very bad.

The house is awesome. The lack of storage isn't, but the house is nicer than any of the others I've lived in. And I have a dishwasher! So cool. The washing machine is finally hooked up, I have a week's laundry to wash and some major grocery shopping ahead of me tomorrow. It'll be grand. I already washed two loads, but the dryer needs a vent before I can continue - those two loads were a Sunday necessity, I'm pretty sure. The smell of wet moldy bathing suits and towels was pretty impressive upon walking in from church.

House photos to follow. Blaine took them, but getting them onto the computer has been low-priority, sorry. One of these days - maybe after I find my pots and pans. I made syrup in the microwave tonight for lack of a saucepan. Didn't even know you could do that.

We visited the United Reformed Church here today. We were really excited, then we found this last night. It was a bit of a blow, but we went anyway, and were so glad we did. We met a bunch of awesome reformed people, found out the church may have a life outside of the URC, and I think we'll stick with it to see what happens.

Our food situation in dire. I scraped up pancakes for supper, we've had PBJ and cereal... it's worked, but I need to get to the store. Didn't want to until the kitchen was unpacked, but it's time. When Sterling was hungry yesterday and went to wander the kitchen, he came back with a cereal bar in his hand exclaiming, "Mama! (F)ind (f)ood!" It was a wonderful moment for his meager diet these last few days, he was certain.

Sterling also keeps getting lost. Our new house is laid out very well and not at all confusing to those of us taller than 4 feet, but Sterling is having a harder time of it. I told him to go to the kitchen for something, he landed in the bathroom and hollered, "Mama! Help! Kitchen go?" That was yesterday. Today he went to brush his teeth, ended up in my bedroom instead, and asked "Bathroom go, Mama?" He's so confused. Darn rooms keep up and moving on him.


Jennifer said...

Isn't it crazy when the pile of stuff that needs to be done has to wait for something more important (like grocery shopping)? And when you get home from that, you'll have even more work than when you started! But, of course, if you go to Kmart, you'll have lots of fun. :) I spent about $15 on almost $200 worth of stuff today... none of it food except for my Starbucks Frappiccino's which I can't even have. LOL.

Sterling sounds adorable, and I can just here him saying those words. :) He'll figure it out soon. :)

Jennifer said...

hear... don't know how I let that one slip!