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Let them eat cake? Or celery?

Blaine left this morning for his three-week trip to CA for the spring/summer catalog photo shoot. My first thought, other than loneliness, is to diet a bit and see if I can lose a few pounds while he’s gone and cooking duties are pretty much whatever I feel like. My next thought is to make a chocolate cake. Hmm.

Sterling is learning to spell his name. Sometimes he gets it right. Often he’s Steringy. Or Stling. Or Stering. We’ll get this though. Sadly, his name, 8 letters long, isn’t the longest name among them. Poor Charlotte – and then Serenity too. Really, the poor girl will be ten before she can spell the whole thing. Ruby, on the other hand, can spell ‘Ruby’ accurately almost every time. We haven’t ventured into her middle name though… there’s another doozy. Something to consider next time. You know, if there is a next time. At the rate we’re going today, I may not survive the month. Three kids were crying about bedtime. Half an hour later, we’re down to just one – one whom sounds very much like a mourning dove when she cry/whines. And with that, I’m making myself a cup of tea for lack of wine (not to be confused with whine, which we have plenty of), locking myself in the bathroom with a book, and taking a bath.

Nevermind. There’s Charlie. She’s harder to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you Adreinne! I can't iamgine having Nathan gone for three whole weeks!!!!! We'll have you all over this week! And if you're needing a break, I can take your kids. Our girls really seem to get along! Hope to see you at church.:)
Laura Mindeman