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Old McDonald, stanza 2.3, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Only when you are two can you be screaming like someone was trying to kill you and singing “E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I… (continue for at least five minutes)” in the same 20 second time frame. Being female helps with that scenario too.

Blaine had better get home soon. My dark chocolate candy bowl is rapidly depleting. Stress has a way of doing that around here. We have a lot of girls.

Liberty asked me if I could put cinnamon rolls in her hair. I asked if she wanted me to get the cinnamon, and oh, the giggles. She stood by her original description though, and scoffed at my suggestion that it be called a bun.

Three and a half month old Charlie graduated to 6-9 month clothes. And she rolled over three times. While I wasn’t looking. Can’t get her to do it again while I watch. So good to know she’s modest of her achievements like that. Never had such to chubby baby – or an early mover. She’s a good 2 months ahead of schedule if she were to fit in with the rest of this clan.

Brady has had a bell hanging from the door. I thought, for the last 6 months, that it was the best idea I’d heard of as far as dogs and training goes. Then Brady learned she could ring it. All. The. Time. Want to go bite the cat? Ring the bell, return to door, bark to be let inside. Birds in the yard? Ring the bell. Oops, cold outside, let me back in! She abused the bell. I took it down, set it on the ground, and told Brady she’d have to whine like the rest of the lesser civilized canine population. She’s gone to bumping the bell on the ground against the cupboard. Dumb Smart dog.

*During the course of my 10 minute venture into the writing of this blog, dear Ruby has ventured from singing to crying to singing again. Oh, to be two again. I quake at the thought of that emotional train wreck about 12 years from now.


Roxanne said...

Maybe I shouldn't be passing the "bell on the doorknob trick" to my puppy buying customers. They may not thank me.

lcarp51 said...

It worked for our dog. She did take advantage of it for awhile. But we somehow weaned her off of it. I think we just left her outside for a LONG time. Or told her NO after the 3rd time. Or something.