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When Daddy is away the girls will… find something, anything, to keep busy.

I would have said that the kids were who keeps things busy around here. But it turns out, Blaine and his projects are major contributing factors. This morning, breakfast was over and we were sitting looking at each other wondering what was next. Ugh. So, off we went. Ingredients for homemade pizza for supper and ribbons and clips to try our hand at making hair bows later (and a quick stop for diaper cream for Charlie’s behind) we went to work.


It was fun! And someday, perhaps in the distant future, I might have to delve into this further. You never know, my glue gun and I could be a formidable enemy in the world of tangled tresses. It could happen.


Some were better than others. These two were my favorites.


Up next: my very first quilt. Sewed a lot of clothes, never a quilt. I take that back. I made a patchwork something-or-other in high school that now resides inside a duvet with it’s seams zigzagged where they split. Apparently slightly larger seam allowances is important in the scheme of things.

Anyhow, I’m using these fabrics to make a queen size bedspread for Blaine and I. I’d like to finish before he gets back. As you can see, I’ve gotten so very far. I’ve picked out fabrics.


I love them. Blaine approved. Now to cut out 525 3.5” x 6.5” rectangles, sew them all together and then… well, I’ll read the instructions and find out what happens after that. Yep. That’ll keep me busy.


* Just for the record, I didn’t forget Sterling. He was busy taking a four hour nap during the making of the hair bows. I woke him up in time for pizza.


See Jamie blog said...

Love the fabrics you've picked, and those hair bows are ADORABLE!

Adrienne said...

Thank you!