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Education: beginning again.


These four children started back to school today.

Ruby’s in kindergarten.

Sterling’s in first grade.

Eden’s in fourth grade.

Liberty’s in fifth grade.

Momma’s in shock.


These two have the sole responsibility to keep themselves busy – and out of trouble – during our educating hours.

Deep breath. I can do this. We did it today. We got done before supper time. Laundry is four loads deep but didn’t get started until 4 pm. Supper happened, late, but it happened. The house… yeah, don’t ask too many questions about it.

I can do this.


lac512004 said...

I think I see blue hair. :)

Charlotte Moore said...

I think the last two may be up to something. They have that look. HAHAHAHA!! So cute!!!

Adrienne F said...

LC, you do. When I couldn't find detangler the other day Ruby thought we should just use that instead.

Adrienne F said...

Charlotte, those two are ALWAYS up to something!