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The story of us. Part eleven.

We talked a lot that night, and finally decided to go to the church anyway. I was picturing an awkward group of mourners on the last weeks of their church services, but what we came upon was nothing of the sort. The church closing wasn't even mentioned until we asked about it. 

Instead, we met a group of about 20 people who were committed to a church plant in our new town. The current church plant was no more, but the people were still there. What we ended up in the middle of was a new church plant with a group of people who became dear friends. We planned to join into a thriving, existing church, but God had other plans for us. We joined the group of people wanting to grow the church and have been watching it grow amazingly ever since.

As we settled into life in Missouri, Blaine found a job at a landscaping business. He worked for one week and was let go for lack of foresight on how much the owner really needed (or could afford) a hired hand. As this was all in the midst of wondering what would happen with the church, we were still wondering on our decision to move here. But, God.

Less than two months after we moved here, Blaine started a job with a large company. He wasn't a photographer, but he was in the photography department. Dressing mannequins. Ah, yes, the things we had to learn. Perseverance moved Blaine through the department and soon he was an assistant photographer. Far happier in that realm than adjusting blouses on dolls, we settled into life and the church was growing. In January, Blaine traveled to California and then Florida for work trips. While he was away, I learned our family was growing again. 



Charlotte Moore said...

I have loved reading all 11 parts of your story. an't wait to read 12.


Charlotte Moore said...

Oops!!! Can't wait!!!

Adrienne F said...

Thank you, Charlotte!