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Pierce: potty training.

I’ve been working on potty training Pierce for six days now. Today was his best day yet – and the one that gave me hope we might actually be successful with this before I give up. Then again, when he was given underwear for the first time, he got this look on his face:


and then did this:


which gave me cause to wonder once again.

We’re out of M&M’s. Something I should have looked into before I started potty training. When I sent Liberty to the candy stash to find something small for a post-potty treat, she came back with chocolate covered coffee beans. I cringed but decided at the rate of success we’d been having, it would be fine.

And then today. He went like a pro with only a few accidents.

My son was hyped up on sugar and caffeine like it was nobody’s business.

Caffeine hurried along the apple juice, we’d have more success, more coffee beans, and well, you get the picture. Pierce was a happy camper this afternoon. Naptime was short. On the bright side, with only a short nap, he woke up dry. Quite good, since he’d been sent to bed for being naughty and fallen asleep without pants on.

Tomorrow, we’re switching to raisins. They’ll hurry along the other, I suppose.


Charlotte Moore said...

How cute with his new "HAT" on. Hahahaha!!!

Roxanne said...

Yeah Sterling. Yeah Momma!

Roxanne said...

ACH!!! Sorry about that Pierce. Way to go!

Adrienne F said...

Oh, how funny. Sterling saw the photo of Pierce on the camera and thought it was himself. Apparently you're not the only one who easily confuses them!