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You know those weeks where you’re stressed to the max and nothing is getting accomplished properly? When I have those, blogging falls by the wayside.

I’ve been having those kinds of days.

On the bright side, we had the rest of the older kids eye appointments yesterday and Pierce didn’t poop on the floor again.

It’s the little things.

Sterling got new frames for his glasses that M. P broke for him. He chose black. When he wakes up and gets the sleep wiped from his eyes, I’ll take a photo.

The kids went to a nearby church for VBS last night. I ended up in the nursery with Charlotte and Pierce. When the workers in there asked if I had an older child in the program, I said I had several. The one worker asked how many children I have and when I said six, he replied,

“I figured.”

What does that mean? How on earth, by seeing one woman with two children – children close in age, to be sure, but two children nonetheless – can you come to the conclusion that I have many? This has me entirely curious.

Tomorrow my oldest daughter hits double digits. Craziness.

I’m starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today. I’m writing that so I’ll be held to it. If I die, you’ll know what happened.


lac512004 said...

You should have called him on it.

Jillian is good. I'll call on Saturday because that will be the first time you can list your arm to answer the phone again.

Adrienne F said...

If I could think of a godly response and still call commenters out, I would. Nothing shines Christ like confrontation though... not so much.

My arms are good. My legs... yeah. I'll sit. I did it day 2 too though. I hurt.

lac512004 said...

Maybe you could just ask him what he means. Or tell him you find that comment offensive. Neither one is combative. Just honest. Or you could say, "Now I see why you're not married yet." :)

Anonymous said...

I started the 30-day shred this morning. I know I must have sweated off five pounds but will not get on the scale until next week (too scared it won't move.)
I found out about it from you. How did you find out about it?

Adrienne F said...


Umm... I found the 30 Day Shred at a rummage sale in South Dakota. It had $5 on it, I offered $3, she accepted, and my misery was born.

I definitely sweat off a few pounds too. I did it at 6 am this morning trying to do it when it was cooler. It didn't help as much as I expected. There's a nasty post-shred feeling...


Anonymous said...

Day 9. I feel stronger but am sure I've lost zero pounds. You?