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Don’t call me crazy. Just give me ideas. Please?!

If you were in charge of teaching a group of about a dozen three year olds for four hours once a week, what kind of things would you do? How would you deal with keeping attention? With obedience and teaching them respect?

Ideas, anyone?


lcarp51 said...

Not one.

Adrienne said...

Thanks. :)

Jennifer said...

4 hours is a LONG time!

Jennifer said...

I'd have a 1-on-3 or 1-on-4 helper/child ratio. Try 15 minute increments: lesson time, games, snack, crafts. I'd try to make games be something they have to get up and move around for. Oh, and you can use up a large chunk of time by doing a bathroom run! :)

Jennifer said...

You probably can't teach them to respect you, but with a bigger helper-child ratio you can "enforce" what you expect from them much better than if you had to stop the whole class each time there was an interruption. A helper can take a child out to remind them that this is "lesson time", time to sit still so everyone can listen.

Maybe even add in a quiet "play" time. 4 hours is just a really long time for little ones!

Alysia said...

Bring in your sewing machine! We just did rice bags, doll pillows, and fleece ponchos for dolls. The kids really liked it. There are two of us for 10 kids, though, so it might not be feasible for you. I agree with a quiet play time while you work with a smaller group.

If you have any ideas to share for keeping a class of 14 from K-6 quiet for 1-1/2 hours, let me know. :)

Jill said...

I know who and what you are refering too. So I also know that there is a nap time in there for about and hours time. That said lessons could be ABC, 123, colors, shapes, puzzles (they love puzzles right now we have them for after nap time)Crafts with playdo, how about a sensory lesson with dried beans, corn, rice, make letters/numbers out of these. Also the 4 to 1 ratio is good, You know I was thinking is there ever any time that the gym area ever free - take them there for a 15/20 min pe class. ware them out before nap time.