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I’m feeling so blessed.

Last week a family from church offered to help me with whatever I needed most. Having a hard time knowing what to choose, I decided I’d either polyurethane the stools I’ve been wanting to get done or I’d have them help rearrange my kitchen cabinet contents. As a family of ten, they surely have some great ideas.

Last week they watched the kids so I could work on my stools. They were awesome.

This week, they came over and helped with my kitchen cabinets. I was right; they had great ideas.

Then, they watched the kids so I could get groceries.

Then, I got a haircut. At home, trim the ends; so much better.

It was an awesome day. Let me just throw this out there. If you want to bless someone, volunteer your day for whatever they might need.

Things that have been hanging over me for over a year have been done. The fellowship was sweet, I learned from another, and cannot say thank you enough to dear friends for offering themselves for me and my family today.

Best of all: no judgment. The messy cupboards, the dirty floors, the disorganized mess that was my kitchen – none of it mattered. They just pitched in and helped.

I’m feeling so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Here, here! I love the willing and helpful hands of our church family. Perhaps you would be so good as to share the organizer's names? Life is so much simpler when things are in their proper place.
So glad your partner in crime will be home soon. Praying for you all.