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My month in review.

I said I’d post photos of the van. I know. But I didn’t count on a little thing called “life” happening. As in, I got busy with motherhood and schooling and scolding and cooking and explaining and diapering and a whole host of other things. I’ll get there.

Blaine’s coming home tomorrow, Lord willing. They are packing up. It’s a good thing. If I lose my cool during one of the above mentioned activities one more time, I’m going to have mutiny on my hands. Something about stress and unfinished homework and super late bedtimes gets the better of me.

These last two and a half weeks, I have:

Changed a LOT of diapers

Washed not nearly so much laundry as is normal.

Polyurethaned 8 stools… with one coat. Someday soon we’ll do a 2nd and 3rd.

Filled one woodstove many, many times. We haven’t froze to death.

Chased four goats three times. Fixed fence… not very well… three times.

Cleaned one chimney one time.

Headed up to the chickens twice with a rifle trying to eliminate whatever is eliminating my chickens.

Failed at above mentioned elimination. But it wasn’t my sharpshooting skills, at least.

Patched the holes in the chicken fence created by said Eliminator. More successful fencing than the goat fence job, thankfully.

Made curtains! Hooray!

Taken six kids to church alone three times. No matter how bad that turns out, it deserves a medal… or a break… or a padded room.

Gone just slightly crazy. While I know that I can do this alone… I’d really, really rather not. Life’s pretty lonely… even when there are seven of us in one house.

Got slightly worried when walking up stairs made me out of breath. After all, I found out this news in 2010 while Blaine was in CA and this news in 2011 while Blaine was in CA. Then, hours later, I realized I’m getting a cold… and I’ve never been so thankful for it!


Anonymous said...

Praying you have a really good week Adrienne, and a safe return for Blaine. Love you. Mom

Adrienne said...

Thanks, Mom.