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The laundry room is not a playground, don’tchaknow?

This morning I found my brand new $50 gallon jug of just-for-diaper laundry detergent jug on it’s side. I scraped up a quart of the liquid gold, (ok, at the current price of gold, not quite, but it sure felt like it!) cried over spilt detergent, (yeah, no, not literally. But if I were a more emotional soul you can bet I would have.) and used the mop water to wash the laundry. The dear, much loved child who knowingly knocked the detergent over and left it to spill out… I’m pretty sure said child understands to never, ever, ever decide to hide behind the washing machine again. Another dearly loved child commented, “Man. I’m glad that wasn’t me!”

Just for good measure we read the parable of the talents. It didn’t quite ring the message of good stewardship like I’d planned. The glazed eyes told me I’d lost them.

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Jennifer said...

You could have at least taken a picture for us before you cleaned it up. :)