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Full size.

I’ve joined the “I drive a huge van” crowd. Well, I haven’t actually driven it yet, but it’s sitting in my driveway. That counts.

What’s your dream vehicle? Mine, in recent years, has lots of seats and lots of space. If you had told me when I bought my little two door hatchback Escort that I’d be driving another Ford, 12 years later, but this one with twelve seats… oh my.

I’ll be learning to drive this week. I’ll also be parking at the far end of the lot, I’m afraid.

Photos tomorrow – as soon as I get the car seats all moved.


*And before y’all think I bought a van without Blaine – yeah, no. It was a gift. Yeah. Exactly. HUGE.

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Jennifer said...

My dream vehicle is a 10-passenger sprinter van. After that I'd like a corvette. :) Your new van sounds LOVELY.