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Going green. Or keeping some, at least.

We’ve been discussing energy and resource conservation. You know, the “The electric bill is how high?!” discussion. My children are not the best at turning lights off when they leave the room. It drives me crazy. Our whole house will be lit up like a Christmas tree and no one would be home if the kids had anything to do with it.

So I instituted the “Fine.” clause.

I find a light on and no one around, I turn it off. Then I find the culprit and I earn a quarter.

I have yet to collect any quarters. It’s a win-win. I really didn’t want to confiscate their resources. I just wanted mine conserved.

But today, when Ruby asked me if I wanted her to turn off the fridge interior light, I wondered if I’d taken it too far.



Anonymous said...

Ruby is just priceless, and only 3. Makes me wonder what she will grow up to be....


Adrienne said...

I'm scared to know, Mom. She's going to give me a run for my money in the coming years. I'm certain of it.