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Belle went home last night. Brady, for having mostly ignored Belle for the duration of her stay, is wandering around like she lost her best friend. She keeps looking in every nook and cranny for Belle… including under the couch. Big enough for Brady to hide out – but Belle cannot even get her head under there. Poor puppy.

Charlotte started “beeping” Belle’s nose before she left. Belle just looked at her like she was nuts. Charlotte poking Belle’s nose with her finger and saying “Beeeeeeeep” was pretty funny. She came a long way in the couple weeks we had Belle. The first three days screams erupted from that girl anytime Belle got in her vicinity. Of course, Belle thought she’d better investigate the screams and the whole situation was one big mess!

Being very much not a dog person… I’m going to miss that dog.


Anonymous said...

: ) Mom

Anonymous said...

Tee hee... She is missing all of you already. She keeps looking around, then at me as if saying "Where are my personal, professional walkers?" Poor thing only has a window to look out of (from the third floor, at that) and no kids to watch play. It is so nice to have her around, if only for a few days, before Shawn's transplant.
Thank you for making her a huge (pun intended) part of your family for the past couple of weeks.
Shawn & Michelle