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It’s all in the numbers.


IMG_0459 (2)


IMG_0466 (2)

not three, but four.IMG_0486 (2)

Four dresses, two days. One midnight, twenty-four pleats and eight ruffles finished in record (for me) time. Three opinionated girls, one opinionated but not on fabric choices, and one big brown button when the reason for those snaps on infant clothing became quite clear. Rippingly so.

Two boys are waiting their turn for something new. One impatiently.

Fun. So fun.


Julia said...

My goodness those are cute!! :0)

Jennifer said...

Oh my, they are beautiful. I love the complimenting colors! Sorry about the rip... but just think 4 dresses in 2 days!

Kayla Heeren said...

Wow, those are SO cute! You're amazing!

Jill said...

oh my they are beautiful - you are so talented.

Brittany Curry said...

Beautiful dresses, gorgeous girls!

Adrienne said...

Thanks, everyone! The girls were all pretty excited about them. It's so fun to sew for them!

Abby Ehnes said...

these are so adorable! I want the pattern! you did a great job. I don't know how you do it!

Adrienne said... is the pattern I started with. It's for a woman's shirt. Downsize and make longer... they are pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

They looked absolutely beautiful in those dresses. You have got mom "game." Looking forward to seeing what you turn out for the boys.
If you should notice a missing blue sock that would fit Pierce... suffice to say that the lion doesn't only eat my socks. It is clean and may be hand-delivered soon. :o)