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Hair Dilemma.

Two of my dear daughters,


one who apparently wants to remain namelessIMG_3603

stood in line for my scissors yesterday.


The face painting was not of my doing. I am not that talented.


Ruby wanted her hair as short as Sterling’s.


Um, no. But how’s a couple inches?


Liberty wanted hers cut too. I made her wait a few days because she’s been working on growing it out for so long. She changed her mind. Since she combs her own and doesn’t get food in it, long is ok with me. Eden’s hair always does what I want it to, and she’s always game for whatever I want to try. Ruby – Ruby gets a lot of food in her hair. Or hair in her food. Three is a messy age. Maybe a short cut like Sterling’s would have something going for it. But, no. Girly is good.


Anonymous said...

Love the haircuts. Ruby looks like the bowl of sauerkraut got the best of her!! Love the pictures, keep them coming. Roxanne

Jenn H. said...

So cute! I haven't been brave enough to tackle cutting my girls' hair yet. I need to just do it. Maybe I could schedule a hair appt. for the same day, just in case I mess it up.

Adrienne F said...

You can do it, Jenn H.! I always go longer than I want it, knowing I can always shorten it up. You can always take them in to fix it - but it's not as hard as it would seem. :)