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No news is good news.

I’m amazed my husband answers the phone when I call him at work any more.

He’s gotten some doozies. Topping the list would be when I called to tell him our gas lines had a leak somewhere between the tank outside and the water heater inside.

I’ve called with little things, like asking where his wrench set is. I always get the “Whyyyyyy?” when I ask for tools.

I’ve called to ask how to use the sander. I’ve called to tell him the van wouldn’t start. I’ve called to tell him I’ve gotten a flat tire – four hours away from home. I’ve called for directions because I was lost so many times I cannot begin to count. Dozens, I’m guessing.

I’ve called when I needed to put gas in the weed eater and didn’t know which to use. I called back when I couldn’t get it started. When he answered, I hear in the background, “Uh oh. She couldn’t get it started.” I’m so predictable. But tell me, why, when I get on the phone, can Blaine always fix it even from 10 miles away, when half and hour of trying on my own resulted in nothing but the need for yet another phone call?

Yesterday’s phone call was more of the same. I’d love to be so stinking self sufficient that I don’t need to bother him, but I’m failing. The lawn mower wouldn’t start. The conversation went something like this: “The lawn mower won’t start.”

“Is the blade on?”

“No. The key is turning hard and nothing happens. It’s like the part the key goes into is stuck.” I’m so technical. He often has to tell me to knock it off with the big words and use layman’s terms.

“Does it have gas?”

“Yes. I’ve tried everything.”

“Did you use the choke?”

“Again, everything. I even have a blister on the last knuckle of my first finger to prove how many times I turned that key.” Did you know that’s where the key hits? After trying to turn a key 100+ times, a blister forms. You learn something new every day.

I gave up. Blaine came home later, took the, ahem, ignition switch out. Today, I visited Mr. John Deere, got a new ignition switch, put the lawn mower back together and it roared to life. Does that mean I get to claim having fixed it?

Why didn’t I call Blaine when I got it going? Because then he’d get that sinking feeling. It’s rarely good when I call to bug him at work. But he always answers anyway. Love him.

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Holly said...

You'be got yourself a good one! ;)
Glad he's got you, to!