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Does is matter?

Sterling asked me this afternoon why bugs don’t like to die. We got into a discussion about the fight for life God gave each of us.

“But we all have to die, when we’re old, because we sin,” Sterling said.

Contemplating this heartbreaking reality from a mother’s perspective, I sat there quiet for a minute.

“But Ruby sins the most.”  Earth to Momma. Quiet ponderings over, I laughed. And laughed. And pondered instead the story of whose sin is greatest and why it doesn’t matter, since sin is sin. By the time I’d figured out a way to explain this, Sterling was off and gone and the moment was over.

I’m still laughing that he thinks Ruby’s the biggest sinner of them all.


Kristin said...

Well, he had some great theology going there for a while. :) That is pretty cute.
I once asked to pray for Thanksgiving, soon after my great-grandma passed away. After mumbling for a looong time (like my grandpa did), I then asked "and please don't let anyone else go to heaven. Amen.".
Which is why I think I'll explain death to my kids in a little more detail than "she went to heaven"...

Adrienne said...

We're explained quite a bit to our kids, and I think it helps them realize more about why we're created and why Christ came and how death is - now - not a bad thing. It's still heart-breaking to hear your son's statement that he know he has to die someday, but understanding is a good thing.