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Tonight, I made zucchini boats for supper. I mixed them up, got them in the oven, and they had to bake for 25 minutes.

In 25 minutes, I gave two boys haircuts, the same two boys baths, and took a shower myself. I made it just in time.

But if you see a bald spot, a crooked cut, or a few hairs missed - just remember: 25 minutes.


Aunt Lisa said...

That's funny! what we can get accomplished in a little bit of time!

lcarp51 said...

Wow. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better Sis, I had a half a glass of wine a few weeks after Clayton was born and then gave the older two boys and my husband haircuts directly after drinking it. I hadn't had anything to drink in almost a year... Try explaining the (numerous) bald spots on all 3 of them with that story. Ugh.

Adrienne said...

That sounds like one you won't live down anytime soon. Does Matthew question your alcohol intake before handing you the clippers these days? ;)