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Motherhood moment of the day: At the second to last stop, including a bit of time spent at the park, finding your dear newly potty trained daughter without her undergarments.

Sad admission: It’s not the first time it’s happened.

FYI: I found said undergarments in our bathroom, upon arrival at home. Apparently, while I put them on her this morning, she disagreed with the need for them and disposed them before we left for town.


Laura Mindeman said...

Oh, Charlie!!!!!

in the coop said...

That's happened to us a couple of times around here. The most memorable was when, at a doctor appt., a child was told by the nurse to undress to his underwear and have a seat on the table to wait for the doctor. Yeah, what do you do if the child doesn't have any underwear?

Heather said...


Adrienne said...

Oh dear. We had something similar happen to Sterling. He was to model an outfit for a catalog shoot, (it pays to be related to the photographer of said shoot) but the outfit had color swatch samples cut out of, you guessed it, the backside. When Sterling came out with it on, we found out that he'd neglected a key component in his clothing that morning. That color swatch cutout revealed more than anyone was bargaining for! Not a memory I'll soon forget.

Anonymous said...

I remember back when Ana was (apparently?) being potty trained, and her sliding down a rope at a park, in a dress, with nothing underneath it. Diane was horrified when one of her older sister's tattled on her. Strange the things that stick in your memory when your a kid, I don't think that I would remember it all if Diane hadn't been so upset... -Sis

in the coop said...

Ha! That is absolutely fantastic.