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According to Ruby.

I’ve been working on our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Sanding, priming, and painting aren’t new things around this old little house – as evidenced by Ruby’s comments as she watched me paint yesterday.

“Can you paint other things with that paint?”


“Can you paint the cat?”

“I suppose I could. I don’t imagine she’d like it very much, though, and it wouldn’t stick very well long term, I’m thinking.”

“You’d have to use primer, Momma. Then it would stick. The Callie (the calico) would be gray!”


Today’s conversation during the second coat of paint resulted in more gasping and choking on my coffee.

“What do you feed raccoons?”

“I don’t feed them. I shoot them.”

“But what do other people feed raccoons?”

“I don’t think they do. Raccoons steal corn out of gardens, though.”

“But not our garden.”

“Our corn is too sad. The raccoons don’t want it.”

“Can you paint the corn?”

“Why would I want to paint it?”

“You don’t. If you painted it and we ate it, it would be ‘asgusting’. Then, if we didn’t like it, (Take note: Just because it’s disgusting does not mean we wouldn’t like it. According to Ruby.) we’d have to throw it out and that would waste money.”

Apparently, conversations with Ruby are actually teaching her something. In a roundabout way, of course. It is Ruby, after all.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world with children's wisdom. Give Ruby a hug for me.